About Eva Yogini


Board Certified. State Licensed. Massage & Occupational Therapy Degree. 500RYT Unity Yoga. 100hrs Energy Practices. Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

Using the wisdom of Ayurveda and the habits of Yogis, Eva assists practitioners to fall into natures rhythms; increasing energy, creating the environment to allow healing of the physical and energetic bodies to become possible. 

In the Ayurvedic tradition, massage is considered just as essential to health and beauty as a good diet and lifestyle habits. 

-Massage gives beauty and luster to skin

-Tones and relaxes underlying muscle tissue, nourishing the skin and giving the body pleasant curves. 

-Improves circulation 

-Improves the flow of life force aka Prana

-Flushes out wastes

-Increases the bodies resistance to disease.

Eva Ball has been groomed in holistic health through spending three months every year in her home country of Poland, from age seven until college with her grandmother, a dentist, and a doctor who practiced holistic modalities in Eastern Europe. Eva's family has a long line of holistic doctors who have passed down their knowledge through generations.

While in the states, Eva spent her time with her mother, who is a successful painter and designer of websites, logos, clothing, textiles, creating successful artistic marketing for corporate companies and private commissions including but not limited to The Parade of Homes. Many designs and art pieces were a collaboration of Eva's creative contribution. Eva's projects and instructions were graphic design, photography, and painting. While in high school and college, Eva worked as a photographer. 

With these backgrounds, Eva chose to study Science at the University of Colorado Denver Health and Sciences Center. Later, Eva attended the Colorado School of Healing Arts, studying massage therapy and occupational therapy, obtaining over 2000 hours in alternative body health modalities, Ayurveda, and energy work. Eva is a board-certified massage therapist, a title she has been easily able to maintain through her extensive clientele base and yearly continued education. 

Later, Eva studied under Mara Healy of Charlotte, North Carolina, the head North American Universal Yoga Teacher. Eva also studied directly with Universal Yoga creator, Andrey Lappa of Kathmandu, Nepal, for her 200 hours and 300 hours registered Yoga teacher training with an additional 100 hours in tantric meditation and kundalini training. Eva later took refuge in the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tantric Buddhism, where she practiced under the guidance of the Karma Kagyu Temple in Nepal. Eva also attended the two year Ayurvedic Medicine Health Counselor program with Joyful Belly in Asheville, North Carolina.

Eva has a successful holistic private practice of ten years, and created The Shala Eva Yogini, where she can provide comprehensive alternative care for not only the physical body but also the emotional, mental, and soul body. Over the years, Eva has gained a 500- ERYT and can quickly assist other holistic practitioners in gaining client traction through her vast client base and communication style based on exceptional knowledge of Yoga and alternative Eastern Modalities and Ayurvedic Medicine. Eva shares her knowledge through The Shala Eva Yogini School, an online learning platform. 

Eva is the mother of two children, ages 13 and 11, and has been a devoted wife for 13 and a half years. Eva spends her time between her home in the country hills of West Virginia and her beach house in New Port Richey, Florida.